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martes, 8 de septiembre de 2015

A Walk Through Braavos: the Set of Game of Thrones in Girona

Please, note that English is my third language. I apologize in advance because I know there could be some mistakes in the text below. I’m trying to improve it, thanks.

(Podéis leer esta entrada en español/Podeu llegir-ho en català)

Everything is ready. Tomorrow begins the shooting of the world famous series Game of Thrones in my city.

Near from Barcelona, Girona is a medium city located in the north of Catalonia (Spain), and it has been one of the cities selected for the shooting of the world famous series Game of Thrones. Given that I live near here, I do not want to miss the opportunity to share some pictures taken from one of the sets.

This set is a market in the city-state of Braavos that within the complex universe created by the great George R. R. Martin is located in the northeast of the continent of Essos. Braavos is a prosperous enclave, founded by escaped slaves and refugees. The Braavosi are seamen and traders, also they act as bankers and lenders, especially to the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. Last season, Arya Stark's character traveled to this city, because from here comes his fencing master Syrio Forel.

Thanks to my friend Àlex for this photo

Filming begins tomorrow and as you could see the set is prepared to the smallest detail. Of course I would have liked to see the filming of a scene, but I know that from now the series will be shot with the greatest possible secrecy. We will have to wait for the release of the sixth season to know what has happened within these walls. It is going to be a long wait, but anyway it’s wonderful to be here.

Impressive view, do you agree?

The fish is ready for sale

Another viewpoint...
Working on the last details...

All is ready for the cameras

Braavos (HBO)

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